★Introducing the Olink EV Charging Cable. An top notch solution, for charging your electric or plug in hybrid car. This cable is specifically designed for vehicles equipped with a Type 2 socket. Is compatible, with all 16A (1 phase) Type 2 charging points ensuring a smooth and hassle free charging experience.

★With a charging rate of 3.6kWh this cable guarantees charging for your electric vehicle. Crafted from quality copper it ensures optimal transfer of electrical current enabling fast and reliable charging.

★Boasting an IP65 rating this dustproof and waterproof charging cable can withstand any weather conditions when connected to your vehicle. It also meets the IK10 impact resistance standard making it highly durable and capable of surviving drops or even being run over.

★The Olink EV Charging Cable is designed with a 5 meter length giving you the flexibility and reach you need to charge your vehicle. It also includes a compact storage case ensuring your cables are safely stored when not in use.

★This charging cable, from Olink provides an dependable solution for charging your electric or plug in hybrid vehicle. Its high quality construction, waterproof and impact resistant design and compatibility with Type 2 sockets make it an essential accessory, for all electric vehicle owners. Safely and efficiently charge your vehicle using the Olink EV Charging Cable.

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